"I succeeded!" - Yan

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Say i do again (再說一次我願意) → Ending Theme

Screencap Meme → Doctor Stranger « Esp 5

Screencap Meme → Doctor Stranger « Esp 5

Muk Sat questions Seed and Ah Ting

"Hi Miss, I’m not a seat" - Bu Fan

idol-holic replied to your post: Screencap Meme → Don’t Cry « 吴思贤 i love this song!! so glad xiaole got his debut ^^

I love this song too! I wasn’t too sure about Xiao Le’s debut but after listening to his album i can say that it’s really good~ and glad that he released an album ^^ 


Screencap Meme → Don’t Cry « 吴思贤

Screencap Meme → Don’t Cry « 吴思贤

Kwok Leung cares about Chi Nga

"There are dreamcatchers?" - Eun Sang

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